Saturday, 14 November 2015

How to protect your online privacy

  • Password protect all of your devices (phone; laptop; desktop; etc)
  • Secure your operating system on each device (automatic updates; automatic spyware and virus scans with realtime protection)
    • Block location services
  • Secure desktop programs (many are set to leak information by default)
    • MS Word recent docs list
    • MS Excel recent docs list
    • Photoshop recent docs list
  • Secure your wifi
  • Secure your browser
    • Block cookies
    • Require approval to run plug-ins
    • Use a browser extension such as Scriptno or Noscript to manage which sites are allowed to run Java.
    • Use HTTPS everywhere browser to force secure browser connections
  • Use Tor or a VPN for sensitive searching and browsing
  • Create burner email
  • Pre-paid credit card
  • Store sensitive data on encrypted devices
  • Check privacy settings on Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Use Disconnect plugin

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