Thursday, 26 February 2015

Checklist for buying a second hand car

When viewing:
  • Never view in the rain
  • Check paintwork, especially corners of car (where collisions more likely)
  • Check for rust, especially wheel arches, below bumpers, below windows, corner of windscreen
  • Check body panels properly aligned
  • Check shock absorbers
  • Check under car for leaks
  • Check tyre treads and side walls
When test driving:
  • Beware heavy air freshener (what does it mask?)
  • Check carpet for damp
  • Check spare tyre
  • Start from cold - check no rattles or knocking
  • Rev briefly - check no blue or black smoke
  • Steering pulls?
  • Brakes pull?
  • Check temperature gauges
  • Check clutch bite point
  • Check each gear including changing down at high revs
  • Been repaired at any point?
  • Any problems?
  • HPI checked?
  • Manual and two keys?
  • Check service history
  • Check V5C and take
  • Get receipt for payment

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